FarEast FameLine DDB office renovation proposal

pitupong Avatar

Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Kasidis Puaktes, Katanyoo Angwatanapanich

Client: FarEast FameLine DDB

Completion: Designed in 2020 and put on hold due to COVID

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

A “never gonna be realized” project worth sharing of 2020. It is unfortunate that ,like a few other projects, COVID has ended our creations but we think that there are some very interesting elements in this advertisement agency’s office renovation worth mentioned about some time later.

We were approached by the client to firstly design the 2nd floor where the new gathering space and big meeting room will be relocated to. The existing building itself was designed by the late prominent Thai architect from Modern era, Chira Silpakanok. It was one of his small office projects which contain a lot of typical Modern architecture elements in which we would like to preserve. We add a double space transparent cube about the ground floor lobby. It should be a new face of the company that is more connected to the surrounding. We propose to make the façade a multi-layered platforms to plant some green.. a lot of green. This should be some kind of soft surface that staff can rest their eyesight on as well as light filtering purpose.

The main element in the project is obviously the new office steps which the client intends to use it as a new landmark for gathering staff from different departments and generate the new creative energy for the company to drive forward. Since the space is rather small, we would like to have the big steps element that does not block people’s visibility. We propose to build a see through steps made of rebar steel woven together in multiple directions. There should be light installed inside. So not only that it is not blocking view too much but also it is a gigantic main lamp that light the space up.

Around the main step, there are different kind supporting programs. The most important one is the main meeting room. Here our idea is to take the rebar element further. The theme is “IN PROCESS”. The company is in process of rebuilding, the space is in process of creatively reconstruction as well.

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