Supermachine’s Super Skywalk

We participate in Bangkok Art and Cultural Center’s latest exhibition “Let’s Panic” as one of the artists. Our piece is called “Super Skywalk”, a visionary mega compound building merged with network of elevated pedestrians. The Super Skywalk is a building for Bangkok in the future where ground surface has been reclaimed by WATER.

Kart 2010

Kart 2010
Location: CentralWorld, Bangkok 20-30 November 2010 and Big Mountain Music Festival 10-11 December 2010.
Kart 2010 is a temporary venue for selling T-shirts and stickers containing messages from  design comunities in Thailand.  Some messages are humorous and light-hearted while others are ironic and satirical.
The culture of posting messages in public has existed long before the Internet and the development of social networking. This is particularly true in Thailand, where it seems people have been sticking messages on to objects, vehicles or other everyday possessions for as long as these things have existed.
The messages themselves – commonly seen on city streets, taxis, and trucks – are often cheerful and are expressed in colorful styles and language. But sometimes they can carry underlying meanings as well. For the disenfranchised, this may be the only way to safely (or even legally) contribute opinions within the public realm, particularly grievances toward prevailing injustices or the status quo.
Message Kart 2010 aims to mimic this particular type of public messaging culture. Despite being typecast as being “cool”, designers are actually not much different than those driving taxis, trucks or other working-class professions. In this case, 10 architect, landscape architect and design teams have decided to gather together to create messages from their own unique perspectives. It was felt that designers in Thailand lack tools to communicate to society at large and to voice their concerns. The medium for displaying the messages – T-shirts and stickers – was chosen for their directness and accessibility, and the design has deliberately been kept simple.  At the least, design enthusiasts will now be able to obtain these messages and proudly display them on the covers of their prized sketchbooks and high-end laptop computers or even on their chests.

Text: Luke Young

Our World at Heineken Greenspace 2009


Jack_world_03Supermachine Studio’s installation at Heineken Greenspace 2009 at Zen 19th Floor Centralworld BKK. The world 2009 is made of CNC cut cardboard stick with some thousands post its for people to exchange messages.

Special thanks to : Nantawat Tassanasangsoon, Suchart Ouypornchaikul, Suratchasa Kampasiri, Ratee Ngamniyom, Kamolporn Withayachaisang

Co ordinated by: Manipa Jayawan


world2009The 4 meter long paper installation was meant to be a public message board for the annual beer festival organized by Heineken. The event will last more than 2 months on 3,500m2 of space on 18-19-20th floor of Zen, Bangkok.

It’s our mini project with tight deadline, however we had a lot of fun figuring out how to do it. Take a look;


We decided to break the world into 5 peices for transportation




When it doesn’t work, we have to look for adaptable tool around us!!



We even tried “table” after the chair didn’t really work





6.30 am. after the installation


Giant No Red No Yellow at Minimart BACC.


With the same obsession, we take the geo-political profile of Thailand forward. Now the geometry is blown up to 2.00 m. high and extruded 30 cm. The white cardboard box in the shape almost identical to Thailand standing as whiteboard for people to stick colorful post its with messages.

One week after it was installed Thailand witnessed 2 major political movements in the country; one in Bangkok (Red), another in Srisaket (Yellow). Our standing point is that we disagree with both movements.




That was how we started with……………