Suburban Dream, Protein Journal

Suburban DreamOur super small thought for Protein Journal (UK); Suburban Dream. We wrote: A Super Gym. Hovering over the typical Asian sprawl of gated community, a Super Gym is a new connection from one village to another. It is a place where want-to-be healthy stressful middle classes meet. Everyone is sweating but constantly smiling. The gym is not a last century stacking rooms but cluster of open and close space that frequently reorganizes itself. It has everything from swimming pool, library, biking track to rugby field. It is a city in itself but only made for people to meet while sweating.

Autostella on Interior World #94 (Korea)

Supermachine’s work on Lizen

Lizen Publisher has launched 3 books called “Modern architecture and interior in Thailand series” collecting architectures and interior projects completed in Thailand in the last decade. Our projects are published in all 3 books; Cheeze studio, Ubon house and Harbormall.

Big Mountain Music Festival on Art4d#168