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We believe that it’s good to know what designer think about his projects and how he creates them from his own words. Journalists and experts writes about these projects on design magazines from their points of view. Both opinions should contribute to one another. This blog is what we do in our part. We write about our projects the way we do and think about them. This is our official (and most complete) web-based information. Don’t look for our website.

Supermachine studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded and based in Bangkok in 2009 by Thai architect, Pitupong chaowakul. Before that (in 2003) he founded another studio called Thisdesign with 5 other friends. Supermachine studio’s projects are extremely diverse, their projects includes small objects like bottle openner, installations & exhibitions and bigger scale projects like shopping malls and large outdoor music festivals. Supermachine studio consistent interests are in the creative processes and experimentations in design.

Supermachine is Pitupong Chaowakul with Kasidis Puaktes, Theerayut Somtua, Sujinda Khawkam, Rachanone Thaikaew, Katanyu Aungwatanapanich, Krit Peraphan, Napapat Lasavanich and Kamolporn Wiriyachaisang.

Contact us: +66-(0)-22766279 FAX:+66-(0)-22766278

57/7 Soi Chokchairuammit 16/13 Jompol Jatujuk Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Email: pitupong@gmail.com

our PDF port folio (2019 version) to download (96MB)

supermachine_brief portfolio_2019

About Pitupong Chaowakul

Born 08.10.1975

Pitupong was born in Ubonratchathani, a small town 600 Kilometers east of Bangkok, Thailand. He moved to Bangkok when he was 11 for further education. He earned his degree in Architecture from School of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and moved to Singapore to work for a year. In 2003, he got his Master degree in Architecture from the Berlage Institute of Architecture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In between his graduate study, he worked with Nox architect in Rotterdam for a year.

Pitupong came back to Bangkok, Thailand in 2003 and founded a cross-disciplinary design studio with 5 other friends called “Thisdesign” in Bangkok. He designed very wide range of projects from concerts, interior designs to architectures. He constantly joined the artist group, called “Soi Project”. With them, he travel and does installation projects in other countries such as Japan, UAE and UK. In the same time, he lectured and taught in various schools of design in Bangkok.

He founded the design studio by himself in 2009, called Supermachine Studio. The office is constantly doing various types of design projects. In 2010 and 2016, Supermachine Studio was chosen to design and build lighting installations for iLight Marina Bay Singapore where they exhibited “Animal Tree” and “Dandelion”.

For entertainment biz, he was commission to be a design director of one of the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand called Big Mountain Music Festival. The event successfully drawn more than 60,000 people in its 6th time in 2010. He is on the process of doing its 8th edition in 2016.

Supermachine studio’s projects have won international awards including;  “Harbormall” won 2010 “World of color awards” among with projects from architects around the world. (Solutia is one of the world’s leading color film makers) “BUSAC” won “Best Educational architecture” from Archmarathon 2014, Milan. And “The Labyrinth, 10 Cal Tower” won “Emerging architecture award 2015” from Architecture review magazine, London. “Hubba-to” won Archdaily’s “Building of the year 2017” for interior architecture category.

Pitupong was one of the speakers in many international forums including; “Archifest‘2010” in Singapore, “Datam KL 2011”, “Jakarta architectural triannale 2012”, “Alaska design forum ,2014”.


1999-2002 Master of Excellence in Architecture.The Berlage Institute of Architecture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1992-1997 Bachelor of Architecture (Second Class Honour) Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

 Professional practice

2009 – Present: Design Director, Principal: Supermachine Studio

2003 – 2008: Cofounder: ThisDesign

2000 – 2001: Nox, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1997 – 1998: Design Architects, Singapore


2017 Hubba-to: Winner “Building of the year” Interior architecture, Archdaily

2016 10 Cal Tower: Mentioned “Architecture Award 2016” special program building, Association of Siamese Architects, Thailand

2015 10 Cal Tower: Winner “Emerging Architecture Awards” Architectural Review Magazine, London, England

2014 BUSAC: Winner “Best Educational architecture” Archmarathon, Milan, Italy

2010 Harbormall: Winner “World of Color award” Solutia, Spain

International Lectures

2019 MIID REKA Conference, KL, Malaysia

2017 Taipei Association of Interior Designer (TAID): International forum 2017 Taipei, Taiwan

2017 MASA’s design matter Forum, Bangalore, India

2016 AIA/HK Young Architects Forum, Hongkong

2014 TEDx, Chiangmai, Thailand

2014   Alaska Design Forum, Alaska, USA

2012   Jakarta Architectural Triannalle, Jakarta, Indonesia

2011   Datum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2011   ASA Forum 2011, Bangkok, Thailand; Forum speaker, New generation of Thai architects

2010   Archifest 2010 international Forum, “Happy City” forum speaker, Singapore National Library, Singapore

2010   iLight Marina Bay, Meet the Artist, Singapore cricket club, Singapore


2020 Speck Hostel, Bangkok, Thailand

2019 Honda Big Wing, Pitsanulok, Thailand

2018 Osotspa H.Q. Building P5, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 Osotspa H.Q. Building P2, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 SCB Academy, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 Osotspa H.Q. Building P5, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 Harbor Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand

2016 Hubba-to, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 CJ Worx office, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 The Labyrinth, SCG 100 year, Bangsaen, Cholburi, Thailand

2014 Big Mountain Music Festival 6 Saraburi, Thailand

2014 Cotto Curious, SQ1 Siam Square, Bangkok Thailand

2014 G16 Concert, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 Yim Huai Khwang Hostel, Bangkok Thailand

2013 BU Student Activity Center, Bangkok University Rangsit, Thailand

2013 Vespa Galleria, Sukhumvit26, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 Vespiario Office, Ital-Thai Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 Mercury Ville, Chidlom, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 BU SEM, Building9, Bangkok University City Campus, Thailand

2013 Big Mountain Music Festival 5, Saraburi, Thailand

2013 BU Imagine HUB, BU Imagine Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 RU-Yerb, ASA Change, Architect’13 , Thailand

2012 Tukcom Sriracha, Cholburi, Thailand

2012 Big Mountain Music Festival 4, Saraburi, Thailand

2012 Tankstore, Mega Bangna, Thailand

2012 Malai Kart for ASA@ Archiect’12, Thailand

2012 Superbowl Project, Nakornsawan, Thailand

2012 BU International Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 Bangkok University Student Lounge, Bangkok, Thailand

2011   Architect 2011 exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 Big Mountain Music Festival II, Saraburi, Thailand

2010   Sansiri’s The Base Sales Gallery, Thailand

2010   Animal Tree, Installation for iLight Marina Bay, Singapore

2010   Sansiri’s Wyne Sales Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 Bangkok University Creative Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2010 Big Mountain Music Festival, Saraburi, Thailand

2010 Laemtong Shopping mall,Bangsaen, Cholburi, Thailand

2009 Autostella showroom, Bangkok, Thailand

2009 Green World, Installation for Heineken Green space

2009 Giant No Red No Yellow for Art4d Minimart at Bangkok Art and Creative Center

2009 No Red No Yellow; Product design for protesters

2009 Bangkok 2082, Visionary project for future Bangkok, Bangkok Art and Creative Center

2009 Quick Bites, Design for Eating; exhibition design for Thailand Creative and Design Center

2009 Harbormall, Laemchabang, Cholburi, Thailand

2008 Laemtong shopping mall, Rayong, Thailand

2008 Island 2008, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK

2008 House by the swamp, Ubonratchathani, Thailand

2008 Food Market at Leamtong Shopping mall, Rayong, Thailand

2007 Saveland Supermarket, Ubonratchathani, Thailand

2007 iYarm, product design for Art4d’s Minimart in Bangkok Design Week 2007

2007 Tokyo Air Domino; installation for Digital Art Festival 2007, Panasonic Center, Tokyo

2007 Kantana sound studio, Bangkok, Thailand

2007 Yincharoen cooking school and supermarket, Bangkok, Thailand

2007 The Cloud 2007, installation for Sharjah Biennalle, UAE

2006 Living under the crescent moon, exhibition design for a traveling exhibition from Vitra design museum at Thailand Creative and Design Center

2006 Poom-Puang, a product design for Bangkok Fashion Week 2006

2005 Pru Pop Live Concert, Tossapak Arena, Bangkok, Thailand

2005 Cheeze Studio, Siam center, Bangkok, Thailand

2005 Jerlot Cafe’, Bangkok

2005 Ghost Transmission, installation at H Gallery & Metbar, Bangkok, Thailand

2003-2005 Ghost Tower, research and photography, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 100 Only Fat all stars concert, stage and production design, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 MVP Cinema, Ubonratchathani, Thailand

2004 IPlusroom Karaoke, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 Saenrak salesoffice, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 t-Bomb for Art4d Minimart for Architectexpo’03, Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand (exhibited in Einhoven, The Netherlands in 2003)

2003 Paradox Circus,Fat Live 4, Stage and Production design, Huamark Stadium, Bangkok Thailand

33 thoughts on “About Supermachine Studio / Contact

  1. Sawatdee Krup,
    My name is Manoj and I have seen some of your works and I like them very much. I have a land area around Wong Wien Yai/Taksin which is around 600 sq yards. I want to make it into a parking space. But I do not know which concept design to use. I am on a low budget which I think might move you away from doing this project. I want to use material and stuff that are available in Thai market. Its a simple parking space for around 90 cars. Yes, we need a sun roof.
    I tried to contact you but could not find anyone. Or if you have someone that you can recommend me to, who does good work, that would be great. My phone number is 081 8441321

      • สวัสดีครับ แจ็ค
        ผมพี่ด๊อกน่ะครับ (อ.คมสัน) ที่ สถาปัตย์ มช เชียงใหม่
        คือมีงานมาเรียนเชิญครับ แต่พยายามติดต่อไป ไม่ถึงเสียทีเลยขออนุญาติ
        ถ้าเบอร์ติดต่อข้างบนโอเค จะพยายามใหม่ หรือ แฟกซ์รายละเอียดไปให้ครับ

  2. All of your architectural stuffs are really great! Would you mind to share your works on our platform? It would be very great for us if we can have you sharing your architectural work with 4-arch.

      • Register in 4-arch.com website like in other general websites. Then you will see the “Post a project” menu on the top. Go there. There will be some information and photo. As well as location of the project, just single click on google map in there, it will automatically locate your project.

        The website aims for anyone to be able to share their architectural project, however, if it is much difficult, I can do all posting for you. Please do not hesitate to let me know.

        Narongwit Areemit

  3. Hi, I am a first year student currently studing in the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture UK and I love traveling to broaden my horizons. therefore in this coming summer I would wana work in an oversea architectural firm as well as to see other culture’s activities. I really do like your way of thinking of concepts and designs. It would be great if I could be your training kid this summer
    thank you very much

  4. Hi there, Im currently undergraduate architecture student, however im looking for an intership during this upcoming summer holiday. I just sent an email that attached my brief portfolio to you. Please have a look at it.

    thank you for your consideration.

  5. hey 🙂

    Im in my third year of studying Interior Architecture at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia and would be incredibly interesting in applying for an internship/work experience to be able to learn and be inspired from your creative team. I would be happy to send through some of my assignments/grades and an application letter. I can’t wait to hear back from you. Thanks heaps have a lovely day 🙂

  6. Khun Pitupong Chaowakul,

    I saw your work on your blog and really want to be your training kid.
    I will be in Bangkok from august to November.
    I have already sent you an email with my application letter.
    Please have a look on it !

    Best regards.

    Arthur MOULUCOU.

  7. Pingback: Bangkok University / A new era in education environment

  8. Hello,

    My name is Samantha Curcione and I am an Interior Design student at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am currently writing an essay on the Bangkok University Lounge. I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions that I have on the space. Please let me know. Thank you,
    Samantha Curcione

  9. Hello,

    My name is Poap Panusittikorn and I am a forth-year student at Cal Poly (SLO). I would like to apply for a summer internship (June-September), if you are available. May I email you my portfolio?

  10. hi, we’r fashion brand companie from china, want a new interior design for our newly increased stors ,how can i contact you and require further information about Cooperation form and design price. Love your work guys. (PS.sory,My English is poor)

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