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Quick Bites, Design for better eating, TCDC 2009

4 years ago, we started clipping 13,000 A3 papers to make ceiling for a concert, then we hung 2500 pieces of cieling modules just recently we stuck 3,000 colorful glass fins to a large-scale building. I have been wanting to write a more theoretical about the technique and put different projects of ours next to each other to compare them in order to talk about one of the design techniques we have been persuing. This is the first try. It can’t be call an article yet; but keep on coming back to this I will slowly putting all the words in place. I want to publish right away and add more text and images later when I am ready. I don’t like the idea of release it when it’s done that much.

P1)I am obsessed with the idea of repeating small elements that could alltogether create another bigger system of forms, surfaces or objects. The tecnique has been tested in our big and small projects; architecture, interior and art installations in the past few years. I think “to multiply” is extremely relevant to today’s construction industry in a sense that it is a bottom-up dominant process dealing with appropriation of small things. When the small element is designed efficeintly, they are then repeated with certain patterns to generate larger system (sometimes very very large.) The end result can achieve calculated level of efficiency (mostly material waste & cost management)

P2)Of course, that is by all means not the most challenging part. Our goal is to generate relevant effects for particular projects out of the process. So we did not repeat things blindly, in opposed they are very precisely calculated. The difference in degree (colors, lengths, thickness etc.) of those similar elements is explored in each of the project in order to do that.

to be continued…


Society club @ Centerpoint Central world 2009 

foodmarket_08_smallFood Market, Laemtong Rayong 2008


Tokyo Air Domino with Soi project @ Digital Art Festival Tokyo 2007

Supermarket 02

Super Yingcharoen supermarket, Bangkok 2007

papercloudPapercloud 2007 with Soi project in Sharjah, UAE

pruPru Pop Live concert with Wit and Jiro, Bangkok 2006

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