Puthorn Architecture

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Saveland super market, Uboratchathani 2008

Thailand is very much a centrallized country where Bangkok has been the country’s socio-political core. Thailand=Bangkok is viable argument by any means. Something or someone coming from outside of Bangkok is oftenly called “Puthorn” in Thai. It is widely known as a slang for out of fashion, low budget and low tech.

Recently projects outside of Bangkok are not anymore banal (as cities go generic following Kolhaas’s statement) but oppositely they are striving towards better quality and more charactoristic values. Thailand has reached the 3rd wave of development after the 80-90’s boom, Asian economy crisis. It is now the moment of rebuilding. The owners of many projects are 2nd and 3rd genration of business families that happen to “rethink” their business according to the new influence; such as the invasion of big multinational franchises, the changes of needs of locals and so on.  Therefore such condition is  a perfect playground for design offices, specially small and young ones to test their creativities while big offices are busy doing big and formal commission.

It is a big swimming pool full of potential projects where our office is enjoying to swim in.

(to be continued)

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