“This is it” Glass hopper is ready for Big Mountain II

After 8 months of preparation, Supermachine Studio with Jiro Endo team under the name “Glass hopper” is ready for production for Big Mountain music festival II at Bonanza, Saraburi. The construction on site has already started on over 20 items we design, from stages, facilities to tiny event rubber stamps.

Some images from the construction going on at the site at the moment:

The cow gate is back welcoming people


Ratchaprasong market 100+ units of outdoor shopping

Collective bath in "men" toilet

Shower units at Toilet city

A-KOH-JON Pub aka. Circus Pub

Big Mountian Music Festival I (Final)

During Big Mountain Music Festival from 5-7th Feburary 2010 in Khao Yai, Thailand, there were more than 25,000 people joining the event. The 2 day-2 night music festival make it one of the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand. Supermachine Studio and Team Jiro would like to present to you some images of the completed project as we (as event designers) spent 1 year in advance preparing the project. In the project, there are a lot of architecture, installation & stage design that interpret contemporary Thai society. (Details of some items can be trace from the side bar category; Big Mountain Music Festival. More will be posted)

Photographs: courtesy of Gayray Team and Pitupong Chaowakul

The snake in the mountain, Kamar market in Big Mountain

When we thought about outdoor festival in Thailand, we thought of shading. Although Big Mountain Music Festival is taking place in winter, but it is still very hot in daytime. Our idea is inspired by the biggest laundry field in the world in Mumbai (it’s called Dhobi Ghat.) We would make a super long cloth hanger to hold 2,000 pieces of Kamar bands (traditional Thai multi purpose cloth). People will be meeting, eating, chit-chatting underneath during daytime. At night it will be illuminated by NGAN-WAT (temple fair) style lamps on top of the structure.

Exactly half of what we are going to build

Reference image; Snake bone

And when we think about a mega scale cloth hanger structure, it has to be done in architecture style. Each member is made of bamboo stick. Spanning 200 meters like snake bone along the event site, the Kamar Market is the main street in Big Mountain Music Festival. It’s name Sukhumvit Rd. in the event.

specially designed Kamarband for Big Mountain