Big Mountian Music Festival I (Final)

During Big Mountain Music Festival from 5-7th Feburary 2010 in Khao Yai, Thailand, there were more than 25,000 people joining the event. The 2 day-2 night music festival make it one of the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand. Supermachine Studio and Team Jiro would like to present to you some images of the completed project as we (as event designers) spent 1 year in advance preparing the project. In the project, there are a lot of architecture, installation & stage design that interpret contemporary Thai society. (Details of some items can be trace from the side bar category; Big Mountain Music Festival. More will be posted)

Photographs: courtesy of Gayray Team and Pitupong Chaowakul

Big Mountain Music Festival on Art4d#168

Cow stage at Big Mountain Music Festival

Mountain (or Cow Stage) at Big Mountain Music Festival

Photograph: courtesy from GAYRAE and Pitupong Chaowakul

We are ready for Big Mountain

We got it all ready for Big Mountain Music Festival.. The Construction is starting.. If you have a chance to go, don’t miss it.

After the model war at our office, we finally got them all done.. These are the 2 main structure at the main stage, the tower and the mountain.

Big Mountain Main Stage

Collaborated with Jiro Endo and Takashi Nishibori, Supermachine has completed the Main stage design for Big Mountain Music Festival which will take place on 5th-6th February 2010. The stage examine the new relationships between the audiences and the (performing) artists. It includes the ferris wheel (which will operate during the performances and the audiences can go up), the tower, the mountain and the giant flowers.

Not using traditional roof-top stage and juxtaposing public elements with the performing stage, audiences can go around, up-down and find the new angle to look at their favorite artists.

The 28 meter high combining towers are made of steel scaffolding system. It’ll be the another unique landmark of the event where the audiences can take their time to go up to enjoy the scenary of the site as well as the activities around the events.

1:25 model we have just finished