AP Supermarket Pavilion

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Kasidis Puaktes

Completion: 2020

Client: AP

Location: TCDC, Bangkok Design Festival 2020

Right before the pandemic, Thailand was excited about the belated environmental campaign “No plastic bags.” as the country played catching up with the world’s situation. AP as one of Thailand’s leading real estate developer, attended Bangkok Design Festival 2020 challenging the event attendances with the campaign “AP SUPERMARKET”. The core activity of the event is to give away a super durable paper bag for people to use when they do their typical supermarket shopping. Moreover people can also customize their bags with free stickers and rubber stamp.

We create a half circular pavilion using a mixture of steel and wooden structure with 1,200 arms jutting out to hang the paper bags themselves. So the skin of the pavilion is an primitive installation that move and interact to the wind and surrounding. On the front side, the pavilion act as a white backdrop of the Thai post founder’s monument. On the back it is widely opened as an opened-door for people to come in making their unique bags. In one of the wings, it is compartmentalized into a staff capsule that manage the paper bag giving-away event .

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