A belated post from BMMF7

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soi2_05It has been almost a year since Big Mountain Music Festival 7.. now we are designing the 8th edition. It is a bit late to post images from the last one but better than not to. Typically we have published photos from our camera taken objects that we designed, a lot of time before the festival opens. It is a bad habit of architect to only focus on architectures rather than whom they are designed for. This time around we ask permission from BMMF official page to put some of the stuff that we designed in actions.

The theme of BMMF7 is “JOH”, the term explaining how Thai people have fun with music and entertainment in a very local and individual style (most of the time don’t worry about their images.) It is the first time that the festival moves the location to Petchaburi for a new challenge.  It has always been the goal to promote diversity in the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand as it has includes contents for every one from rock, electronic, pop, folk music (Rumwong) to cabaret club. And our task is to design architectures in different scales to accommodate them.diagram_02




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