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Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul and Yupadee Suvisith, Korakot Meesathien and Sujinda Khawkum

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Area: 800 SQ.M.

Completed: 2015

Photographs: Wison Tungthunya

“2 face space”

Chaay and Jin, an internet advertisement agency duo, want to create their new working den for their company, CJ Worx, which has been growing very quickly in the last years. Locating on the 20th floor of a modern typical office building in Bangkok where the financial offices are, their new office is meant to be a creative alien both in the nature of how their company works and the physical look of it. “Once the elevator opens on our floor, we would like them to think it is a pub”, the duo briefed funnily.

The idea of designing an office for 140 people hidden behind the pub has been pushed further  by inserting 3 modules of farm-house like elements that works like a common area. A cafe’ work space, pantry, playzone & meeting spaces are hidden behind the rotatable bar painted with green and red, a 2 face element. Green faces the front pub facade while red faces the spacious common space. This informal space zone works as a heart of the office where staff intermingle and work creatively.

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