In the material world, you might need a material tree

pitupong Avatar

The design of animal tree is the criticism toward typical public lighting features that, most of the time, lack of emotions. The fact that, we are living in world in which there are too many stressful factors already, can our environment be composed of more joyful objects?
Animal tree is a public lamp pole that can be imagined installed in any public space. The shed of the lamp is composed of 288 pieces of orange happy bear,a translucent plastic coin collectors for kids. The operation of the animal tree is rather simple; it gives shading to people during daytime and emits light at night with rather not complex technology.

In my opinion, planners, artists, designers or those who are responsible for creating our tomorrow should pay attention to joyfulness as well as aesthetic and technologies.

Animal tree is a project for iLight Marina Bay Singapore 2010. Supermachine studio design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Nuntawat Tassanasangsoon, Santi Sarasuphab, Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Wattikorn Kosolkit

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