Centerpoint at Centralworld, New public space

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Centerpoint7Centerpoint at Central World is a 8,000+ sq.m. interior space that accomodates variety of commercial programs and event spaces. The project has been completed in March 2009.

Centerpoint was one of Bangkok’s urban phenomena during the 97’s crisis. The land development was one of the businesses grown amidst the deep falls of others. The small commercial spot in Siamsquare is well known  in that time for being the most popular meeting point of Bangkok’s teenagers. It slowly became the node of new cultures and activities for the youngsters, a Bangkok version of Harajuku (in our point of view.)

In the meantime, there have been big upgrades on the giant commercials around Bangkok’s downtown, Siam square. The urban public spaces underwent a lot of upgrades both the look and the way they are used. Big and small activities

siamcenter steps
(Reference image: Contemporary public space in the heart of Bangkok)
Ref image: Street dance takes place on the sky dedestrain downtown Bangkok

When Centerpoint  moves out of Siamsquare to Central world shopping center, it rethinks the brand name “Centerpoint fountain” which was the popular landmark . The new location came with a lot of interior constraints, it used to be movie cineplex on the 7th & 8th of the shopping mall. We came up with an idea of turning it into a kind of interior street shopping. In which the gigantic 800 sq.m. orange umbrella will become a new landmark which can be seen from the ground floor of the shopping mall. It will roof different kinds of activities for the youngsters leading to the 3,000 retail shops further into the space.

Test model 1



Seat modules for event space using Tangram's geometrical system
When the Tangram seats contract during the event with bigger space requirement
The modules can be expanded and composed into many different configurations

Having big location disadvantages, being hidden high up on the farthest of the shopping mall, we carve the floor bigger and introduce a very big public staircase that connect the 7th to the 8th floor to create a bigger flow of people upwards. In the same time it will be used as a step for the audiences to sit on during the big activities like concerts or fashion events. Centerpoint at Central World is an attempt to bring urban activities inward blending them with indoor commercials. Ultimately it wants to become one of the most popular meeting place for the youngsters in the country again.

Centerpoint steps
Centerpoint steps connecting 7th to Theatre foyer on 8th
Centerpoint steps connecting 7th to Theatre foyer on 8th



“Orbit”, architectural graphic in collaboration with Duckunit



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