Ubon House (Completed images)

pitupong Avatar


A villa in Ubonratchathani, Thailand, completed 2008

Credit: Thisdesign Supermachine; Pitupong Chaowakul with Attasit Kongmonkol, Wattikon Kosolkit & Worawit Hongwiang

2 responses

  1. nelly

    I am planning to built a home in Chiang mai, I love your contemporaly style, please e-mail me how I can contact you.
    Look forward to hear from you, thank you so much.

  2. pham

    hi, we are looking for a location for a fashion photo shoot. we are interested in Ubon House and Autostella showroom. looking very interesting. would love to come down to have a look at these architecture. let me know what the contact details and address if possible.

    mob +65 97123071

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