Ratchathani Hotel

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A renovation project for a hotel built in the 70’s for the G.I.s. The project consists of 200 sq.m. restaurant, lobby and different sizes of hotel rooms. The charm of the project is to add new colors and atmosphere to the space by leaving the trace of modernistic character of the old building.

Thisdesign Supermachine Participants: Pitupong Chaowakul, Veena Mahasit, Worawit Hongwiang




We always curious how much change it will be when our project is completed specially for renovation project.  Here are some “Before-After” images of the small hotel in Ubonratchathani we renovated in 2006. It was totally a brutal building built for the G.I. during the 70’s Vietnam war. Then the influence of the “bad style” 80’s took over. The space was a montage of different stuff, when we got there. We then turn it (with limited budget again) into a more lively space with a lot of old element intact.


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