Supermachine Studio’s research on Thailand water enduring architecture

It took us a long while with big effort to complete the research for publication, but finally we have done it. Together with many other qualified architects and researchers in Thailand, we collect information, travel, photographs analyze them and put them in line hopefully to construct a public platform for relevant debate on WATER issue in Thailand. These are some sneak preview of the books before they are finalized. The book, WATER BRICK, will be out at ASA Architect’12 expo at Challenger Hall, Bangkok, 4th week of April.

Supermachine Studio working team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Nuntawat Tassanasangsoon, Wattikon Kosolkit, Yuppadee Sutvisith, Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Peechaya Mekasuvanroj, Supanna Chanpensri and Sthapat Soichampar

With special thank to: Dr. Ornsiri Panin and Dr. Sumet Jumsai Na Ayutthaya for inspiring interview. Boonchai Tienwang for enthusiastic help with interview. Wison Tungthunya for letting us use those beautiful images, Association of Siamese Architects for seeing that this is useful and endless support.

Submerged City

Corruption, bad planning, deforestation.. Thailand is witnessing the worst flood in our modern history. As the water situation in Thailand is reaching its peak, 22 October 2011, we go documenting the situation in Ayutthaya, the Unesco World Heritage site 75 km. north of Bangkok. The city has been submerged under water for more than 2 weeks. This is part of architectural research, WATER BRICK, we are carrying out for Association of Siamese Architecture which will be exhibited in April 2012.


Project Kingkong

Today marks the beginning of Project Kingkong, a research and design project on Thai future settlement on Living with water. From now we will go through 5 months of rigorous working session on the issues. The project will includes Photo documentation, Diagrams, Analysis and Visionary proposal on specific sites in Thailand.

Water Brick project

Water rising, Singhburi, September 2011 Photo: Gorthong Thongtham Na Ayuthaya

“Wake up Architects” We should take part in this…!!

With our long frustration about WATER situation, Supermachine Studio ask for Architects’ commitment in finding new comprehension to the problems. Series of researches, photography and projects will be done in collaboration with other teams of architects and researchers. Together we will show the project to the public in April 2012 in a form of book and exhibition during ASA exhibition 2012 in Challenger hall, Bangkok.

Villager’s house on what supposed to be their rise field. Bangrakum, Pitsanulok September 2011 Photo: Pitupong Chaowakul

Flooded village, Bangrakum Pitsanulok, September 2011 Photo:Pitupong Chaowakul

Inside the villager’s house, Bangrakum Pitsanulok, Septerber 2011 Photo: Pitupong Chaowakul

Snake way city, Sena Market, Ayutthaya, Photo: Pitupong Chaowakul 04 Sep 11

Life goes on, Sena Market, Ayutthaya, Photo: Pitupong chaowakul 04 Sep 2011

Life goes on II, Sena Market, Ayutthaya  Photo: Pitupong Chaowakul  04 Sep 2011