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iyarmiyarm_02For the first time, Bangkok has it own Design Week. It was 2007. We were asked by the organizer to design something for its “Minimart”, a small market that sells cheap design stuff from Thai designers.

We were very fustrated with the beauty of “IPOD” at that time. The fact that we are cling to the image Apple presents to us, a clean super reflective little device. In real life, it is not always true.. you know it but you still want to believe in its beautiful image. The object after being used for a week, there are scratches all over and you want to scream.

We question if IPOD’s beauty is real? It will have to be wrapped anyway by ugly; silicone, plastic, bags etc. Why wrapping beautiful object with ugly uncharactized skin? At the end you will be using an object IPOD size but looks extremely ugly. IPOD is only beautiful when it is at home being unwrapped and charged. 

Shall we accept it? We need some charactoristic wrapper for our IPOD. Forget the image APPLE present to us!!!


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