SAC Renovation

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Center

Completion: 2020

Project type: Architectural and interior renovation

Project size: 1200 SQ.M. (aprox.)

Design Team: Supermachine Studio, Pitupong Chaowakul with Rachanone Thaikaew, Krit Parephan, Theerayut Somtua and Napapat Lasavanich

Landscape Designer: Urbanis

Photograph: W Workspace

Supermachine studio teamed up with a super enthusiastic Landscape designer Urbanis to come up with a new vision for Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Center, a valuable institution hidden in an outskirt plot of Bangkok not very easy to access. It is a combination of exhibition space, library, auditorium and office devoted to local and international anthropological content in which the 1st phase of renovation consists of improving human and automotive accessibilities, cafe buildingthe main building facade&lobby and the central garden.

Existing building before the renovation

Freitag Store, Silom, BKK

Design team: Pitupong Chowakul, Napapat Lasavanich

Completion: 2021

Project size: 100 SQ.M.

Location: Silom Soi 8, Bangkok

Client: Pronto

Photograph: W Workspace

It was during tail end of 1st COVID wave that hit the world, with long lock down and Work From Home situation, we had a phone call from our client asking if we are interested to design the 3rd Freitag flagship store, the famous F-store, in Thailand. We agreed to the job a few sentences into the phone conversation. Everyone in the office is a Freitag fan. However the whole design discussion process with Zurich had to be done via VDO calls, everyone is more or working together in a new circumstance disrupted by the pandemic.

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The site of the Freitag’s newest store is in Silom Soi 8, a few hundred meters from Pat Pong, a famous entertainment district that was extremely dynamic pre COVID era. It is a little peculiar location for a brand retail, but not for Freitag. The street is full of diverse small shops like cafe’, Bank & Thai massage parlors. The space used to be a small pub.

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Endless bags
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Our idea is pretty straight forward, present to the customer as many bags as possible at the first glance. One side of the shop is to be filled up with floor to ceiling F-boxes containing in each of them a unique bag. They are franked by 2 big mirrors to create the endless illusion.

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Approximately at half of the store height, we insert the catwalk by suspending it from the new steel beam. The new structure is in famous Freitag green. Customer can access to the mezzanine by the new staircase attached to the catwalk.

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Coming down from mezzanine level, customers can choose how they are comfortable with. We provide 2 methods, one is to walk down the same staircase they climb up or they can jump down the whole using the fireman pole which expected to be more exciting. One that decide to jump will be welcome with the unique yellow tarp crashing pad that is the collaboration work between Freitag HQ and A gymnastic pad making specialist. The small element is one of a kind.

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Towards a far end of the store, situates another important element, the “SWEAT YOURSELF” , Freitag’s very own D.I.Y. product line. Here we incorporate 2 elements into one, tarp display and sewing table. The display cage is suspended using mechanical hoist. When customers want to choose a specific tarp to create their bags, the cage can be lowered to hand level. While the custom bag is being made the display cage is hoisted us freeing space below for a bag maker.

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Supermachine X Sketchbuk

Collaborating with SKETCHBUK, our cool graphic designer friend who turned into glass gilding guru, Supermachine would like to give a new flavour to our 20 year old studio’s door. Our brief to him was to get the door the express our active lifestyle and passion both at work and not. He came back with cool graphic design for a central piece and illustrations on 8 of the smaller panels. We can’t wait to get the new glasses installed into the door!!!

Photo credit: BUK

Our brief

AP Supermarket Pavilion

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Kasidis Puaktes

Completion: 2020

Client: AP

Location: TCDC, Bangkok Design Festival 2020

Right before the pandemic, Thailand was excited about the belated environmental campaign “No plastic bags.” as the country played catching up with the world’s situation. AP as one of Thailand’s leading real estate developer, attended Bangkok Design Festival 2020 challenging the event attendances with the campaign “AP SUPERMARKET”. The core activity of the event is to give away a super durable paper bag for people to use when they do their typical supermarket shopping. Moreover people can also customize their bags with free stickers and rubber stamp.

We create a half circular pavilion using a mixture of steel and wooden structure with 1,200 arms jutting out to hang the paper bags themselves. So the skin of the pavilion is an primitive installation that move and interact to the wind and surrounding. On the front side, the pavilion act as a white backdrop of the Thai post founder’s monument. On the back it is widely opened as an opened-door for people to come in making their unique bags. In one of the wings, it is compartmentalized into a staff capsule that manage the paper bag giving-away event .

Speck Hostel very closed to completion

Today, our team visited the construction site of Speck Hostel. It has been a while our lovely client building his hotel due to many unforeseeable factors. However it is more promising than ever that our project is reaching the finish line. It could take a few more months till SPECK is in full operation we think.

Speck Hostel

Project : Speck Hostel

Location: Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Size: 590 SQ.M.

Project type: Architectural Renovation & Interior Design

Timeline: Designed 2017, Will be completed in Q2 2020

Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Kasidis Puaktes, Hutsama Juntaratana and Katanyoo Angwattanapanich

Main Entrance
Cafe’ & Reception
Dining Lobby

Tetris villa

Supermachine studio can design a house too!!!! It might have been a wrong perception that we don’t design residential project. Looking back at the works in our 10 year portfolio, there is only one villa completed among big array of public space projects. We are still in love with great aspects of living diversities.

Front facade; all skins closed
Front facade; skin partially open

Hip Hop Wonderland 2019

Design Team: Rachanone Thaikaew and Krit Parephan

Project type: Music festival production design

Location: Live Park, Bangkok

Lighting design and operate: Lightsource

It is our 2nd time this year to get involve with HIP-HOP. Now we have already believe that it is a big HIT here in Thailand. We are in charge of designing all big and small elements in the festival including main stage, mini stage, street dance space, landmark and showcase spaces. It is a mini project that we take a chance to catch up with today’s teen culture that sometimes we have to admit that it is not very easy.


Project: J-Garage

Project size: 300 SQ.M. (Aprox.)

Project type: Architecture and Interior

Location: Bangkok

Client: un-disclosable

Front facade of the garage
Side elevation 1
Side elevation 2

It was the same time when our director about the turn his small house in Bangkok into a garage, we were approached by a client, who has crazy lifestyle, to design pretty much of the same program but in a much crazier degree.

The 300 SQ.M. living garage is a house for our client’s hobbies. It should accommodate spaces for a collection of his motorbikes and exotic cars as well as a small private recording studio and some corners to party with his friends. And all should be done in relatively low budget.

Our design of the garage is combination of simple geometries criss-crossing on each other and covered by a single simplistic tilt roof. The overlapping masses create different kind of open and semi open space in the project, ie; a pool, a party balcony or cliff climbing space. The 2 main high-light spaces are his motorbilke and car garage where we propose a large glass doors and aDark Knight style, fully illuminated ceiling. On second floor are space for a record room and a naturally ventilated party balcony.