Market V 3.0.1 for Big Mountain Music Festival 3

The Festive preparation has started! We are busy designing Big Mountain Music Festival 3 which will take place at the same venue, Bonanza, Khao Yai between 10-11 Dec 2011. Here are some image of our proposal for the popular element in the event, the market.

Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Jessada Pongwasin, Gorthong Thontham na Ayuthaya and Kasidis Puaktes

Progress on BU Lounge

Slightly delay, but the project is so so closed to completion. Each space is taking shape like what we expected. Very soon we can present the images of the completed Student Lounge for Bangkok University here on our blog.

Harbor office

After we renovated Harbormall a few years ago, the 2nd phase of the project has finally started. We redo the whole facade of the office building which will later be called “Harbor office.” It’s a 10 storey office building on top of the existing shopping mall. The building is at Laemchabang, Cholburi, Thailand.

ASA’s Architect’11 exhibition (complete images)

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Wattikon Kosolkit, Nuntawat TassanasangsoonSanti and Sarasuphab

It’s been more than 10 year since the Association of Siamese Architecture (ASA) started organizing “Architect Expo” in Thailand. The event consists of diverse exhibitions that relate to architectural practices,international and domestic forums and big portion of building material & technology expo. It grows bigger and bigger every year. In 2010, the event spans over 60,000 square meters.

Supermachine studio’s design proposal won the competition for a 5,000 m2 main theme exhibition under the given theme “Bottom up” in which composed of several organization’s exhibition with hugely diverse content. In the exhibition space, there are content from architectural  conservation organizations, Green & building technology, architecture for community, building for disables, Works from schools of architecture and offices in Thailand and more.

Supermachine’s way to enter the university

We designed a tiny corner for Bangkok University in the same building as BUCC is. This is an admission area, an small introduction to the university. We turn the normally formal program into a more relaxing corner, a cafe where high school students can be less stressful in choosing what they want to pursue for the next 4 years. It’s a Supermachine’s way to enter the university. 🙂

Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Nuntawat Tassanasangsoon

Photo: Jarroonrat Vithoosuwan