Nunglen Music Festival 2, 2017


Nunglen music festival 2 at Ocean Golf Club, Khao yai, Thailand

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Theerayut Somtua and Nashana Ttoy

An experiment on what rectangular pieces of fabric can be turned into. In the music even we design the main stage, some landmarks and some minor component all using this same principle, very simple, very light weight. The result has been quite surprising, only pieces of white fabric can be stretched to quite different forms and all those forms performed completely different to please event goers.

Be late BMMF 2017 photo update


Big Mountain 9 will take place in a little more than 2 week, it’s our bad habit not to wrap up the year before’s work. However it’s nice that we don’t forget it and do it now rather than not. Big Mountain 2017 was quite a success. 70,000 people attended the event and had fun for 2 nights in the mountain at Pak Chong, Thailand. As usual, we design a handful of elements in the festival for people to enjoy with. Looking forward to the coming event in a few weeks already.. It’s a mountain time.

Nunglen concert 2016


Design team: Yupadee Suvisith with Pitupong Chaowakul and Theerayut Somtua

Location: Suanpeung, Ratchaburi, Thailand

Client: Gayray

Type: Outdoor concert for 5,000 people

Year: 2016


There is precise translation in English for the term, “Nunglen”. The closest meaning of it is “chilled out sitting” which tells the mood of the event. This episode of the concert is their 3rd edition took place in the valley 200 km. to the west of Bangkok. It is pretty much a small to medium size outdoor concert where all audiences can watch it on their picnic mats 6 hours continuously. The music themes are “light”through out.

The stage is a small humble hill made of standard scaffolds. 48 roll-able panels are attached to it to create different settings for light and image projections. During the early evening time, when there are still sun light, the panels are set horizontal. The audiences can real mountain in the back ground through it. As the artists change and musics get more active the panels turn to catch light creating different backdrop for more intensity. Once it get really late and the musics go super active in late night, panels move during the artist performance.

A belated post from BMMF7

soi2_05It has been almost a year since Big Mountain Music Festival 7.. now we are designing the 8th edition. It is a bit late to post images from the last one but better than not to. Typically we have published photos from our camera taken objects that we designed, a lot of time before the festival opens. It is a bad habit of architect to only focus on architectures rather than whom they are designed for. This time around we ask permission from BMMF official page to put some of the stuff that we designed in actions.

The theme of BMMF7 is “JOH”, the term explaining how Thai people have fun with music and entertainment in a very local and individual style (most of the time don’t worry about their images.) It is the first time that the festival moves the location to Petchaburi for a new challenge.  It has always been the goal to promote diversity in the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand as it has includes contents for every one from rock, electronic, pop, folk music (Rumwong) to cabaret club. And our task is to design architectures in different scales to accommodate them.diagram_02




“Thai Factory Market” at Setouchi Art Triennale 2016, Japan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShoe-off and chill with us. With sweat, tears(not really) and a bit of blood. This summer we were involved in bringing a tiny part of Thai culture to Japan. In collaboration with our friend, Takashi Nishibori, we design and help building a small Thai market which exhibits and demonstrates Thai craftsmanship like Pee Ta Khon mask, Boh Srang umbrella, Koh Rae boat etc. in a city center of Takamatsu. This is part of a summer program of Setouchi Art Triennale 2016 organized by Art Front Gallery with City of Kagawa. The event will be active till 8 Aug 2016.

Design Team: Yupadee Suvisith, Pitupong Chaowakul, Kasidis Puaktes, Theerayut Somtua and MUK Pitchayasukarn in collaboration with Takashi Nishibori

Organizer: Art Front Storage

Location: Takamatsu, Japan

Indoor items structure


District 9 stage #3; ” The alien is back”

Once the audiences enter Big Mountain Music Festival 3, they will first greeted by “District 9 stage.” For 3 times in the row, District 9 stage is a venue for alternative and rock bands. This year, because of its significance, the stage expanded and installed with bigger set of light and sound system to hold bigger crowd.