Turning childcare house into Creative Office: Project BUBU

Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Kasidis Puektes, Gorthong Thongtaem and Phongwasin

Client: Bangkok University
Location: Bangkok University, Klueynamthai Campus, Bangkok
Year of completion: 2012
Size: 400m2
Constructor: ST. Classic
System contractor: ST. Classic
Loose furniture: IKEA
Built-in furniture: ST. Classic

Photographs: Pitupong Chaowakul

Super limited budget project can be very challenging. We have finally finished BU Branding Unit office recently after series of budget cuts. Colors have been splashed all over. The end result has surprised us however. It’s been a great fun with hundred of tear-drops.


Our work on a small but super colorful project, a Branding Unit for Bangkok University. It’s under code name BUBU. The project is expected to be under construction in May 2011.

Design team; Pitupong Chaowakul and Suchart Ouypornchaisakul

Back to what we love to do again, “Renovating” aka “Transforming”. The challenge is to transform the 2 storey former daycare house into an office for Bangkok University Branding Unit (in super limited budget). We were having fun to design in a super simple way. Looking forward to a construction soon.