Honda Big Wing, Pitsanulok

pitupong Avatar

Project: Honda Big Wing

Location: Pitsanulok, Thailand

Type: Architecture

Size: 600m2

Completion: Q4, 2019

Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Theerayut Somtua, Sujinda Khawkham and Krit Parephan

Big Wing is Honda’s space for big bike line, a popular product among enthusiast segment. In the last years, it has been expanding around Thailand’s provinces that have demand. Pitsanulok is one of the cities embracing the big bike culture. We were asked to design a compact showroom + service facility for the brand. Taking the “Black Swan” theme, we propose to divide the building facade into smaller black planes composing a more dynamic geometry. The mass is tilted up creating a big opening for a large motobike display. The adjacent tower is angularly cut open to create entrance for visitors. The showroom occupies 40 percent of the building whereby the rest is a motobike service facility that span to the back end of the plot.

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