Prongdong Kamar Band

pitupong Avatar

When asked in what role we are in the society that undergoes the conflict, as a designer, we have been responding with series of our designs. This year for Big Mountain Music Festival 2, there is the new version of Kamar design (see last year market design) for the Kamar market. Our just out of the owen design pattern is called “Prong-dong” (Thai word meaning “Reconciliation”) mimicking Thai government’s policy in solving the political conflict between Red and Yellow protesters. The Kamar band will consist of only 2 thread colors; red and yellow. We hope this simple and traditional object is carrying a critical message towards what is going in our society right now. 5,000 pieces of the Kamar will be produced and used in Big Mountain Music festival 2’s market (taking place 10 Dec 2010)

More detail will be posted here as we are approaching the final stage of design.

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