Laemtong Rayong facade

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rayong_01A Facade ronovation Porject at Laemtong Shopping mall, Rayong. The 12 year old building is installed with 1,500 pieces of Aluminum fins. 600 pieces of the fins is illuminated with individual control LED lamps, alltogether create animating new facade. (Expected Completion Q3 2009)


model_rayongrayong_01rayong_02(The design of the Aluminum fins)reduced facade




Design Team: Pitupong Chaowakul with Nuntawat Tussanasangsoon and Worawit Hongwiang in collaboration with Wit Pimkanchanapong (Lighting program)

2 responses

  1. Don Vete’

    What is the material for the fins krub?
    FOr the lighting program, are there any interact wt something(noise, light)?

    Thanks for all the knowledge krub

    1. pitupong

      Aluminum KRUB..
      The lighting is pre-program KRUB.. it’s a limited budget system KRUB.

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