Cheeze studio (process version)

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mock_upCheeze Studio
Design team: Pitupong Chaowakul, Worawit Hongwiang
Owner: Matching Movie Town
Location: Siam Center, Bangkok
Completion: October 2005

Cheeze studio is a new Lifestyle-photographic studio situates right on the super downtown spot of Bangkok. At the same time new face of Siamcenter presents itself to the public in winter 2005, the 180m2 studio of 250m2 transparent glass surfaces will reveal its odd form.


With the help of Ove Arup (Singapore), the structural system is the main issue we explored. We design the skin of the studio in the similar way as the ice cube subdivides itself. The surface of the studio consists of 250 unidentical triangle glass panels which are attached on mild steel rip structure. The steel frames are designed to be a hanging system from the existing concrete beam to achieve the thinnest possible structure holding the transparent glass surface.


That was what I wrote in 2005. I think it would be nice to put on here more info about the process we developped the project rather than just presenting the photograph of its completion. Well this will take a few days to finish and it will be a pretty long page itself.. but I will keep on updating anyway.



The way we develop cheezestudio is the accumulating of small different ideas in time, during the discussion and construction period. Therefore in the project, each element is juxtaposing each other rather than living with each other in harmony. Jump cuts are every where in the studio, as we planned. The main users are teenagers,it’s like showing them “Pulp fiction” movie.

rhino_counterAs we mentioned, this project is all about juxtaposing “many” ideas that spring up during the development, the reception counter has its own story. Rhino, for Thai people, stands for “overly expressive” woman, RAD, which normally has negative meaning. But for us we look at it in a funny way. You need some courage, openess and expresiveness to come taking photograph of yourself in the all transparent photo studio. So the aninal stands for that indentity. This is how we develop and build it.


To be continued

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